Kuwaitis seek enforcement of ban on Israeli Apartheid
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Kuwaitis seek enforcement of ban on Israeli Apartheid

At the beginning of May, five lawmakers in the Gulf state of Kuwait submitted draft legislation that calls for a total ban on any relations with the Occupation and asks hefty penalties for anyone who breaks the law.

The provisions ban all forms of dealing or establishing ties or contacts with the Zionist regime as well as opening any Israeli offices, whether directly or indirectly. It also seeks to prohibit government agencies, individuals and companies from striking agreements and protocols with Israel and from holding meetings with Israelis. Kuwaiti citizens and officials would not be able to travel via Israeli airports or other crossings that would acknowledge Israeli control and authority over Palestine. The legislation stipulates a prison term of three to ten years and a fine exceeding 17,000 dollars for violators.

This bill must be passed by parliament and accepted by the government to become law. No date has been set yet for debating the bill in the opposition-dominated parliament.

The Kuwaiti MPs cited Israel’s refusal to implement international resolutions and its barbaric aggression against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a reason for proposing the bill. They also cited Israel’s assault on Lebanon last summer and the savage destruction of that country’s infrastructure, in addition to the ongoing Israeli works around the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Kuwait, a US ally, has so far resisted the pressure from Washington to end the Gulf States’ boycott of Israel. It has repeatedly said it will be the last Arab state to establish ties with the Jewish state after a comprehensive peace deal. The draft of this bill might be a step towards renewing support for the boycott of Apartheid Israel among the Arab ruling classes.