Resistance against the Apartheid Wall continues
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Resistance against the Apartheid Wall continues

This Friday was another day of struggle against the Apartheid Wall. Demonstrations in Budrus, Bil’in and Um Solomoneh confronted the Occupation and its devastating wall.

***image2***In Budrus, the village youth led yet another protest against the Wall that is stealing their lands and livelihoods. After prayer, they marched towards the Wall and attacked parts of it. The Occupation military rushed to the area and immediately started shooting live bullets at the youth. No tear gas, rubber bullets and sound bombs, only lethal live bullets were used against these youth who were defending their land and future. Mosab Sami Mustafa Awad (15 years old) was injured in both legs. He is now in the hospital’s emergency room with three bullets in the left leg and one in the right leg.

In Um Solomoneh, the villagers gathered in the morning to plant new olive trees along the path of the Apartheid Wall; a sign of resilience and a challenge to the Occupation. Um Solomoneh is currently under attack from all sides. While the Apartheid Wall isolates and steals land from the village to the west, in the east a series of house demolition orders are preventing the natural growth of the village.

Six houses, each of them between 120 -150 m2, have received demolition orders. They belong to Muhammad Talab Abdel Majid Taqatqah, Muhammad Mahmoud Moussa Hayyan, Khaled ‘Ilayyan, Sami Ibrahim Taqatqah, Aqram Ismail Abu Rahme, Mahmoud Ali Hassan Taqatqah. Two of them are already inhabited and are home to 10 people; the others are still under construction.

With the occupation’s relentless ghettoization and expulsion plans continuing, Palestinians lives are doomed to be marked by ongoing resistance.