Stop the ethnic cleansing of al-Hadidiye: Save the Palestinian Jordan Valley!
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Stop the ethnic cleansing of al-Hadidiye: Save the Palestinian Jordan Valley!

Hadidiya, a 20,000 dunum expanse of fertile lands in the Jordan Valley, is to be cleansed from its Palestinian inhabitants.

This is to mark the final step of Israeli colonization of the area and another move towards the ethnic cleansing and annexation of the Jordan Valley.
Support the resistance of the Palestinian people and contribute to stop it NOW!

On April 10, the Occupation courts have issued orders to 5 extended families living since generations in Hadidiye to leave the area before April 21 and their homes to be destroyed. Some 120 people out of the approximately 500 Bedouins living permanently in the area will be made into refugees. The remaining inhabitants are expecting expulsion orders for them to follow soon, clearing Hadidiye completely from its Palestinian inhabitants.

The people in Hadidiya have refused to move, challenging the Occupation once again. Rising attacks by the Occupation since 1967 have included several home demolition campaigns. Yet, each time, the people built their shacks and tents again.

***image2***The land of Hadidiye is owned jointly by its permanent residents and by farmers from Tamoun and Tobas. The latter have been barred from reaching their land since January 2005, when the Occupation closed the Jordan Valley for all Palestinian non-residents. Moreover, a 2 km-long trench with two gates (opened by the Occupation for 20 minutes two times a week) isolates Tamoun from the Sahel Libqe’a and Hadidiye area.

Since the beginning of the ‘70s, Zionist agricultural settlements have swallowed Palestinian land in Hadidiye, renowned for its fertility and ground water resources. The settlers maintain intensive cultivations and have dug groundwater wells that steal the vital water resources of the land. While modern artisan wells and irrigation systems allow green gardens in the settlements and profitable agriculture, the Palestinians living in Hadidiye – sometimes only meters away from the Zionist water wells – have to transport drinking water from 20 km away. They are prohibited from building roads or even linking to electricity systems. Much of the grazing land has been declared no go zone and shepherds see their cattle regularly confiscated, transported to “animal prisons” in the settlements and released only after heavy fines.

The case of Hadidiye is emblematic of Israeli policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing since 1948. Palestinian communities are expelled, displaced and discriminated against on both sides of the Green Line. 14 villages are to be demolished along the Wall’s path with almost 100 imprisoned in unsustainable conditions. For more information about threatened villages inside the Green Line, click here.

We ask you to support the Palestinian struggle and the people in Hadidiye resisting expulsion and to:

– Contact local and national media (Click here for the press release.)
– Contact your foreign affairs ministry and your diplomatic representatives in Palestine to inquire and report about the case of Hadidiye and the Israeli systematic expulsion policies of Palestinians. (For your embassy contact, click here. )

The Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign works together with the people in Hadidiye to safeguard their lives and lands and for Dignity and Justice in the Jordan Valley as part of our struggle to Free Palestine. Our commitment is to mobilize threatened communities all over the West Bank, support their steadfastness and raise awareness about their struggle.

We are thus working to:
• Get the voice of the people out to the world,
• Pressure national and international organization to campaign against expulsion and demolition of houses,
• Bring news in the national newspapers and news agencies, and
• Organize tours for national and international media.
Join the struggle and let us know about your efforts at !