Three villagers shot during clashes with the Occupation in the town of Barta’a al Sarqiyyeh
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Three villagers shot during clashes with the Occupation in the town of Barta’a al Sarqiyyeh

***image2***Three Palestinian villagers were injured yesterday by the Israeli army during clashes at the Barta’a al Sarqiyyeh terminal. The checkpoint was being operated at the time by troops from a security firm contracted by the Occupation army to run the checkpoint. The gradual subcontracting of the terminals and checkpoints to the so-called “private security” is becoming a common feature within the ghetto system created by the Occupation. These troops began to abuse the villagers by asking the women to remove their veils. Many of the women refused and were consequently detained at the terminal for several hours, during which time the regular occupation forces sent back-up troops to the terminal. No one from the village, which is isolated between the terminal and the Apartheid Wall, was allowed to enter the West Bank.

The villagers began a demonstration, resulting in the Occupation closing the terminal completely. Market-stall holders, factory managers and other businessmen from within the village closed their business to join in the demonstration.

Further troops were drafted in and they began to fire tear gas and sound bombs at the villagers. Soldiers entered the crowd and began to beat people with sticks. They then used live ammunition, and several Palestinians sustained injuries. Ratep Abdul Latef, 48, Mohammad Esa, 30 and Yosef Ali, 24 all suffered gun-shot wounds to various parts of their bodies.

History of the village

Barta’a al Sarqeyyeh is one of the 14 villages isolated between the wall and the Green Line. Life for the villagers has become increasingly difficult since the opening of the terminal and since the Israeli Occupation began constructing the Wall in 2003. The terminal is situated on the east side of the village and no Palestinians are permitted to enter without obtaining a permit from the Occupation.