Zionist settlements in expansion all over the West Bank
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Zionist settlements in expansion all over the West Bank

Zionist settlers in Nablus district and the Jordan Valley have stolen Palestinian land and trees to strengthen their grip on our land. The continuous expansion of settlements aims to further fragment the Bantustans outlined by the Apartheid Wall.

***image2***On June 23, the settlers from the settlement of ‘Ami ‘At, south of Nablus, uprooted 300 olive trees from Palestinian land. They then transferred them to their settlement, built on stolen land in 1999, and replanted them. The practice of stealing ancient olive trees to replant them in the Zionist settlements all over Palestine is a common habit aimed at re-writing history via the re-shaping of landscape , allowing these colonies to fraudulently claim ancient roots on Palestinian land.

Two days earlier in the northern Jordan Valley the settlers from Rotim settlement confiscated land from the population in Wadi al Maleh. The settlers Rotim, constructed itself on land stolen from the people in Wadi al Maleh, have built a fence around the confiscated land barring the owners from accessing it. This latest land theft is, however, only another step in a policy of continuous dispossession enacted by the Rotim settlers over the last five years.