New demolitions cause further misery in Qalqiliya district
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New demolitions cause further misery in Qalqiliya district

***image2***Homes around Qalqiliya district have been targeted in a new wave of house demolitions by occupation forces.

The destruction commenced last Thursday when occupations forces and bulldozers stormed the villages of Haja, Jena Safoot and Ras-Tira, in the northern West Bank district. They began destroying houses, water tanks and rain water collecting pools, claiming that the buildings and structures were in an area proclaimed as ‘C’ under the Oslo Accords, or that the owners did not have permits to build them.

In Jena Safoot, east of Qalqiliya city, a two storey house was demolished that was still under construction. Later the same day, occupation forces moved to Haja village, where they destroyed a water tank, used to irrigate 15 km2 of farm land, and a building belonging to another villager, who had used it to store agricultural equipment.

The occupation also destroyed a house in Ras Tera village, north east of Qalqiliya district and a water tank used for irrigating farm land.

The residents and owners of these buildings and 42 others around Qalqiliya district have been dreading the bulldozers arriving for two years, after receiving demolition orders claiming they had no ‘housing permits’ in 2005, despite the all buildings being located on their rightfully owned land.

The occupation began its demolition campaign in Qalqiliya district a year ago and has wrought destruction and havoc ever since.