The Zionist lobby interferes with local community art
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The Zionist lobby interferes with local community art

The Zionist lobby in San Francisco is demanding that a mural depicting self-determination struggles be censored.

The mural, created by young artists from Mission District, San Francisco, colourfully depicts oppressed people breaking down barriers and uniting, including Palestinians. It is intended to inspire and offer hope to the local community, many of whom are displaced people, separated from their homelands around the world. The artists are from the grassroots organisation, HOMEY, which serves low-income Latino youths aged 13 to 24.

Homey explains the initiative: “With many residents of the Mission fighting displacement locally and barriers separating them from their homelands, the work is a powerful statement of unity with those facing similar challenges around the world.”

However, the Jewish Community Relations Council has objected to this art work of solidarity and has demanded that the San Francisco Arts Commission censor the sections of the mural which depict Palestinian people and in fact halt the progress of the entire work.

The young artists and supporters of the mural are asking people to lobby the SF Arts Commission to demand that they respect the residents of Mission District’s right to choose their own community art. The mural is located at 24th and Capp Street, Mission District, San Francisco.

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In another instance, a mural honouring the late Palestinian literary theorist, Edward Said, has finally been given the go ahead at the San Francisco State University.

Palestinian students and allies were delighted that permission has been granted, despite fierce criticism from the Zionist lobby. Professor Said was a ground-breaking theorist who is credited with founding the movement of post-colonialism. He also campaigned relentlessly against Apartheid Israel and for a free Palestinian state.

The mural will be permanently housed in the Cesar Chavez Student Centre at SFSU where an inaugural celebration will take place on 2nd November featuring presentations, speakers, food and music. Members of the Professor’s family will be invited to attend.

The mural compliments three existing murals across the campus which celebrate people’s struggles for self-determination and freedom. It will serve as a daily reminder of Palestinian resistance against Apartheid Israel.