Two men shot at the Deir Ballut checkpoint
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Two men shot at the Deir Ballut checkpoint

***image2***On Friday 5 October 2007 two Palestinian men from ’48 land were injured when Occupation forces opened fire on their car at Deir Ballut checkpoint, West of Salfit.

Witnesses said that the soldiers began shooting without warning and for no apparent reason as the car approached the checkpoint, which is used by Palestinian labourers passing from ’48 land to the West Bank.

The passenger, Sati Suliman Ibrahim Asru’s, 45, suffered injuries to his left hand and legs. The driver was also injured. Both went to the hospital for treatment, and are in a stable condition.

Occupation forces and settlers habitually harass and attack Palestinians passing through checkpoints. Labourers, who have to pass through checkpoints every day, are therefore particularly vulnerable. During the week of 4-10 October, 4 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were arrested at checkpoints in the West Bank and a further 17 Palestinians, including 8 children, were wounded by Occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza.