Global List of Actions – V Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16, 2007)
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Global List of Actions – V Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16, 2007)

This preliminary list shows the global actions held to join forces during the V Week against the Apartheid Wall.
Almost sixty years after the Nakba began, the Palestinian people continues to struggle for the same principles of freedom, land and return.

Join in to protest against the Wall and Israeli policies of apartheid, occupation and ethnic cleansing.

Let us know about your activities writing to
For activities in Palestine, click here.

1. Australia

City: Melbourne
Date: November 16
Time: 12 am to 2 pm
Place: Bourke Street Mall – outside old GPO
Further Information:
A coalition of Australian solidarity groups will be constructing “mock” wall and will hand out flyers.

2. Austria

City: Graz
Date: November 7, 13, 14
Time: various
Place: various
Further Information:
– November 7- Lecture and photo-presentation about the Palestinian Grassroots Struggle and the creation of twinning links between the Austrian city of Graz with the Palestinian town of Zababdeh organized by the
– November 13 – Lecture on The Architecture of Occupation by Imad Hamdan (Hebron Rehabilitation Committee) at the Technical University of Graz organized by the Institute for Urbanism and Planning at the Technical University Graz
– November 14 – Workshop on The Architecture of Occupation with Imad Hamdan, (Hebron Rehabilitation Committee) organized by the Institute for Urbanism and Planning at the Technical University Graz
Contact: Solidarity Committee,,

3. Belgium

City: various cities
Date: November 24 – December 1
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: pickets
Further information: pickets in front of 25 supermarkets all over Belgium calling for the boycott of Israeli products

4. Brazil

Detailed information to come

5. Canada

City: Toronto
Date: November 9 – 17
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: film screening and debate
Further information:
– Friday, November 9 – CAIA presents a film screening of the ” iron 416-238-7903
– Tuesday November 13 – Students Against Israeli Apartheid will be holding a day of outreach @ 11am – 4pm Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street contact for more information
– Tuesday, November 13 – Ryerson Students Union presents a film screening of “A Caged Bird Sings” & Discussion @ 6pm-9pm Thomas Lounge, Oakham House, 55 Gould Street for more information contact or
416-979-5255 ext. 2318
– Thursday, November 15 – Students Against Israeli Apartheid present “apartheid: From South Africa to Palestine ” a forum with South African activist and academic Salim Vally @ 6pm – 8pm Sandford Fleming Building, 10 King’s College Rd, Room # 1101, contact for more information
– Saturday November 17 – Picket Chapters Indigo Stores: 12noon – 2pm picket Indigo outside the Eaton Centre Yonge and Dundas: 2pm – 4pm picket Worlds Biggest
Bookstore at Yonge and Edward St . For further information and to sign up for a shift contact CAIA at or visit

City: Montreal
Date: November 11
Time: 8 pm
Place: La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent
Type of Action: Cultural event
Further information: “Artists against Apartheid”, concert featuring various artists and film screenings
Contact: Tadamon!; tadamon[at]

6. Canary Islands

City: Las Palmas
Date: November 15
Place: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University
Further Information:
Workshop for students by the Spanish UNWRA delegation on the issue of the Palestinian refugees. Students will see through UNWRA documentation the living conditions of the Palestinian people under occupation or in the refugee camps.
Contemporarily, the Mujeres por la Paz y Acción Solidaria con Palestina will be in the campus premises to hand out information about cultural and academic boycott of Israel as a means to ensure respect for Human Rights or International Law.

7. Denmark

City: Copenhagen
Date: November 8 & 10
Time: various
Place: various
Further information:
– Thursday November 8 – screening of Palestinian films and exhibit on 4 or 5 walls in Copenhagen.
– Saturday November 10, 12 am – display of a symbolic Apartheid Wall – 12 m x 3 m – in a central place in Copenhagen. Flyers calling for a free Palestine and sanctions against Israel will be handed out and passers-by are asked to paint slogans on the wall and at the end of the action the Wall will be destroyed. Contact:

8. Japan

City: various cities
Date: Nov 22 – December 3
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: The Stop the Wall Campaign’s Jordan Valley coordinator will tour Japan to raise awareness about the annexation and ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley and the Apartheid Wall as well as Japan’s complicity with the crime.
Further information:
Nov 22: meeting with parliament members in Tokyo
Nov 23: rally in Kyoto
Nov 24: rally in Nagoya
Nov 25: rally in Osaka
Nov 26: rally in Okinawa
Nov 28: rally in Sendai
Nov 29: rally in Sapporo
Dec 1: rally in Tokyo
Dec 2: exchange program with local farmers in Hiroshima
Dec 3: visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

9. Mauritius

City: Lalit
Date: November 2
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: film screening and debate
Further information: Film screening of “Caged Bird’s Song” (on the resistance of inhabitants in Birzeit, in particular teachers and students), followed by a debate and testimony on the Freedom Walk against the Wall in Palestine.

10. Mexico/US

City: Calexico/Mexicali
Date: November 11
Time: to be defined
Place: No Border Camp
Type of Action: Video Conference
Further information: The no borders camp is a space for direct action and building community against the US-Mexico border, its wall and low intensity war. It is a space for global solidarity against walls and racism everywhere. Activists from the cross border camp will be linked with Palestinian youth activists in a video conference to exchange experiences and discuss common solidarity actions.

11. Norway

City: Oslo
Date: November, 12
Time: 10 am
Place: Department of Foreign Affairs
Type of Action: handing over of signatures
Further information: thousands of signatures against the Wall in Palestine will be handed over to the minister of foreign affairs. The signatures are placed on small pieces of “Wall” that will form an enormous chain of symbolic cement blocks.

12. Scotland

City: Edinburgh
Date: November 10 & 15
Time: various
Place: various
Further Information:
10 November, 12-4pm – Stop Israeli Acquisitions in Scotland until they Stop the Demolition of Palestine at Israeli owned Caledonian Hotel at West End, Edinburgh
15 November – Boycott Israeli goods protest at major Edinburgh supermarket.

13. South Africa

City: Johannesburg
Date: 30th of July to the 03rd of August 2007 (date anticipated because of current exams)
Place: university of the Witwaterrand in Johannesburg
Type of Action: wall replica
Further information: The Wits Palestine Solidarity Committee showcased a scaled down replica of the over 700km long, 8m high and up to 10m wide Apartheid Wall built in Palestine by Israel. The model is a 10m long, 3m high and 1m wide visual display featuring graffiti and information panels.

14. Spain/Catalunya

City: Madrid, Barcellona, Murcia etc.
Date: November 16 – December 2
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: conferences
Further information: Three youth activists working with Stop the Wall will tour major Spanish and Catalan cities speaking at universities and meeting with local activists to raise awareness against the Wall and strengthen the BDS movement in the universities and in the society.

15. Switzerland

City: Geneva
Date: to be defined
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: photo exhibit, film screenings, conference and street action
Further information: A photo exhibit will be installed showing the experience of 5 years of civil missions to Palestine and the concurrent building of the wall, a film screening about the struggle against the Wall, a conference and a street action on Friday 16th will complete the program.

16. Thailand

City: Bangkok
Date: November 26/28
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: film screening and conference
Further information: Film screening of “The Iron Wall” by Mohammed Alatar at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand on November 26, panel discussion on November 28

17. UK

City: Manchester
Date: November 5 – 11
Time: various
Place: various
Type of Action: Solidarity with Palestine Week November 5-11 (cultural events and encounters)
Further information:
Monday, November 5 – “Occupation 101” Documentary hosted by OpenMedia, 7.30pm Main debating Hall UMSU.
Tuesday, November 6 – Banner Painting, Meet at union Foyer at 1pm
Wednesday, November 7 – “Chest Doctor in Palestine” hosted by Medsin, 6pm, Theatre B, Roscoe Building, Number 53 in Campus Map
Thursday, November 8 –
– Debate with An-Najah University Student via weblink, “Democracy in the Middle East”, 1.30pm, G95 Kilburn Building
– “Can Palestine ever be free?” Hosted by SWSS, 5.30pm, MR4
Friday, November 9 –
– Art exhibition, 4.30pm
– “Paradise Now” film showing, 5.30pm, MR1
Saturday, November 10 – Meal with local Palestinian community with guest speaker Ismael Patel, 6pm, Council champers.
Contact: University of Manchester Students Union University of Manchester Students Union

City: London
Date: November 10
Time: 1 pm
Place: Oxford Street
Further Information:
Rolling protest down Oxford Street starting at Marks and Spencer (258 Edgware Rd) to picket corporations which sell Israeli goods and those that profit from the occupation of Palestine.

18. Venezuela

“Conquistemos la paz…todos contra el muro…”
City: Caracas and other cities throughout the country
Date: November 8 – 16
Time: various
Place: Various
Type of Action: Rally, poetry recitals, video screenings, concerts, activities for children
Further information:
– Thursday, November 8 – poetry recital in Cuartel San Carlos Libre. Poets: Julián Márquez, Juan Longa, Sid Marrero, Luis Daniel Barrios, Luis Felipe Bellorín, Regina Michel, Roger Herrera, Efraín Bermúdez
Cuartel San Carlos Libre
– Friday, 9 (4:30 p.m.)- Public Debate: The Wall… another imperial crime; speakers: Vladimir Acosta, Raimundo Kabchi and George Zade, Plaza Bolívar de Caracas
Saturday, November 10 – Arab and Mexican Food Show
Tuesday, November 13 – Screening of the documentary “Building Security” that shows the evolution of the Wall’s construction; speakers: Shuruk Duka, Rabad Duka and Luis Miguel Delgado, Cuartel San Carlos Libre
Wednesday, November 14 – the children of different schools in Caracas will gather for a day of games and awareness raising
– Thursday, November 15 – Central concert “¡Conquistemos la
paz…todos contra el muro!”with the participation of renown artists: Marta Doudiers y el Ensamble Agridulce, Alejandrina Reyes, José Garcés, Jesús Mijares, José Alejandro Delgado, Daisy Gutérrez, Hanoi, Oscar, Charango, Pinki, Mónico y su Estribillo, Alí Alejandro Primera, De Melao Son, Culto Aborigen, Son Tizón y Antología Pop.
Cuartel San Carlos Libre
– Friday, November 16 – public rally in front of the Israeli embassy in Los Ruíces.
Parallel to these activities a series of events will be held in Cracas and in other cities of Venezuela.
Contact: Foro Itinerante de Participación Popular, Hindu Anderi, with the partici pation of the Fundación Capitán de Navío Manuel Ponte Rodríguez and the revolutionary movement of singers