Upcoming: Popular Resistance Conference in Jenin
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Upcoming: Popular Resistance Conference in Jenin

“Because this land is sacred and represents history, civilization and humankind
Because this earth holds our grandfathers’ history of thousands of years”

The Arab-American University and the organizing committee of the Week against the Apartheid Wall invite you to participate in the Week’s events in the University in Jenin starting from Saturday 10 – Wednesday 14 November.

Your attendance is support for our struggle and the legitimate demands of our people.


Saturday, November 10

10 am-11am: Reception
11 am -11:30 am: Opening ceremony and tour through the second edition of the al Hurriyeh exhibit
11:30 am – 2 pm: Festival and Speeches : Dean of the University, Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, Michel Sabah, Azzam al Ahmad (PLO executive committee, Fatah), Mustafa Barghouti (PNI), Qays Abu Laila (DFLP), Abdulrahman Malouh (PFLP), Muhammad Barakeh (MK, al Jabha), Bassam Salhi (PPP),
2 pm – 3 pm: Lunch
3 pm – 5 pm: Folklore performances, Dabke with Ramallah dancing

Sunday, November 11

Panel discussion: “The Current Palestinian Political Situation”

10:30 am – 11 am: Registration
11 am – 12:30 am: First session (Chairman: Ali Smoudi, journalist)
Nabil Amr (Consultant to the President)
Dr. Naser Addin Sha’ar (Professor at an-Najjah university)
Dr. Ghassan Khatib (People’s Party)

12:30 am – 12:45 am: Break

12:45 am – 2 pm: Second session (Chairman: Muhammad al Balas, journalist)
Ayman Yousef (Professor, Arab-American University of Jenin)
Khalida Jarrar (Member of the Legislative council, PFLP)
Allam Jarrar (Palestinian National Initiative)

2 pm – 3 pm: Lunch

3 pm – 5pm: Concert with popular songs

Monday, November 12

Panel discussion “The Question of the Palestinian Refugees”

10:30 am – 11 am: Registration
11 am – 12 am: First session (Chairman: Mahmoud Abu Mu’ess)
“The refugees in the current political project” (Omar Asaf, National Committee for the Commemoration of the Nakba)
“The refugees and the Annapolis Conference” (Khaled Mansour, Higher National Committee for Right of Return)

12 am – 12:15am: Break

12:15 am – 2 pm: Second session (Chairman: Dr. Hilmi Abd el Hadi)
“The Israeli position regarding the refugees” (Dr. Badr Dawood, Committee in defense of the Displaced)
“The popular committees and their role in the refugees camps protecting Palestinian national identity” (Adel Yahya, director of PACE)

2 pm – 3 pm: Lunch

3 pm – 5 pm: Zajjal recital and dancing

Tuesday, November 13

Panel Discussion “The question of Jerusalem”

10:30 am – 11 am: Registration
11 am – 12 am: First session (Chairman: Dr. Hammad Husain, dean of the students affairs at the Arab-American University, Jenin)
“Jerusalem in the current political project” (Hanna Ameira, PLO executive committee)
“The Israeli political project in Jerusalem” (Hasan Abu Khdeir, renown personality from Jerusalem)
“The religious position of Jerusalem” (Sheikh Tayseer at-Tamimi, chief judge)

12 am – 12:15 am: Break

12:15 am – 2 pm: Second session
“Digging in Jerusalem” (Dr. Ibrahim Raba’ya, Open al-Quds university)
“The ways to support the steadfastness of the Palestinians in Jerusalem” (Ahmad Ruweidi, head of the Jerusalem Unit of the Presidential office)

2 pm – 3pm: Lunch

Wednesday, November 14

Panel Discussion: “The Settlements and the Wall”

10:30 am – 11 am: Registration
11-12 First session (Chairman: Dr. Ghassan Alayyan)
“The strategic work at international level” (Jamal Juma’, Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign),
“The experience of the popular committees against the Wall” (Suhail Salman, Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign)
“The role of the institutions in supporting the people’s steadfastness against the Wall” (Munjid Abu Jeish, director of the advocacy and mobilizing unit in PARC)

12 am – 12:15pm: Break

12:15 am – 2:30 pm: Second session (Chairman: Atef Abu Rubb, journalist)
“The settlements and the Wall in the Zionist ideology” (Dr. Ayman Yousef, Arab-American University, Jenin)
“The role of the Israeli law in the theft of Palestinian land” (Dr. Amin Dawous, Arab-American University in Jenin)
“The Wall under International Law” (Jonny Asi, Birzeit university)

Final declaration for the Week against the Apartheid Wall approved by the organizing committee

2:30 pm – 3 pm: Lunch