Palestinians unite in Declaration of Principles against Annapolis
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Palestinians unite in Declaration of Principles against Annapolis

The Palestinian Grassroots Anti Apartheid Wall Campaign has issued a joint declaration with representatives of civil society, refugees and Islamic and national forces, calling on the Palestinian Authority to boycott the Annapolis Conference. The declaration will be presented in a press conference in Ramallah on Sunday 25 November.

A mass demonstration will take in place Ramallah on Tuesday 27 November to urge the Palestinian delegation not to make any concessions during the negotiations.

The declaration warns Palestinian leaders against bargaining away the national struggle.

“the inalienable rights of our people must be the central principle for any Palestinian political action. These fundamental rights should never be a subject for negotiation and must not be compromised”

It also calls on the PA and Arab leaders to boycott Annapolis:

“Because the Annapolis meeting is not based on these principles, and because it does not aim for the implementation of international law, we call on the PLO and the Palestinian Authority not to participate in this meeting; we further call upon Arab countries to boycott Annapolis and not to facilitate the United States’ desire to expand its aggression in the region and its attempt to crush all the forces opposed to its domination in the region.”

The declaration sets out the fundamental principles of the Palestinian struggle: an end to the occupation with the complete removal of colonial settlements from the West Bank and Gaza, Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital along with the full right of return for refugees, and the non-recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

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