Palestinians protest Occupation crimes as part of the Global Day of Action
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Palestinians protest Occupation crimes as part of the Global Day of Action

More than one hundred people marched in central Ramallah today in protest of Occupation crimes in the West Bank and Gaza. Demonstrators had gathered in spite of the rain to call for an end to the continuing Nakba, the construction of the Wall and the ongoing siege on Gaza.

Signs in both Arabic and English were intended to send a message not only to local Palestinians, but also to the world community as a whole. Protestors criticized the almost total international lack of action and protest against Zionist policy, especially in regards to Gaza, where Occupation authorities have been starving, bombing and terrorizing the entire population. They called upon the world isolate apartheid Israel.

Demonstrators also openly opposed the ethnic cleansing being carried out by Occupation forces in the West Bank. The construction of the Wall continues, in flagrant disregard of the ICJ ruling, to destroy Palestinian property. Protests were held yesterday in Bil’in and Bethlehem, two areas where that have been adversely affected by the path of the Wall.

This action was carried out as part of the WSF global day of action and organized by Palestinian National Initiative, PNGO, Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, National Committee for the Commemoration of the Nakba.

During these days, numerous actions and events in support of Palestine are taking place around the world in London (UK), Paris (France), Mumbai (India), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Manila (Philippines), Beirut (Lebanon), Madrid (Spain) and many other locations on all continents.