Demolitions across the West Bank destroy homes and livelihoods
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Demolitions across the West Bank destroy homes and livelihoods

Occupation forces carried out large scale demolitions all across the West Bank, destroying five homes and a number of agricultural and commercial buildings.

In Jerusalem the Occupation demolished residential structures, among them two family apartments on the al-Baraq street in the old town of Jerusalem. These are owned by Isma’il al-Masri and house around thirty individuals.

More than a month ago, the al-Masri family received an order ordering them to leave the apartment and prepare for its demolition. The Occupation municipality threatened to make the family cover the cost of the bulldozers if the family refused to demolish the buildings themselves. This practice is common in Jerusalem; if an owner refuses to demolish his own property, he will often have to pay double the cost of carrying out the work to the Occupation. On February 7th, Occupation bulldozers suddenly approached the home while soldiers sealed the periphery of the area. The people were expelled and demolition commenced.

***image2***In Kharbet al-Hadidiya, located in the Jordan Valley, the Occupation demolished four residential shelters that housed 18 people. The villagers’ sheep pens were also destroyed. This is the fourth time the villager’s homes have been demolished by the Occupation. However, the people continue to resist displacement and have confirmed that they will rebuild their homes.

In Azzun Atma, a village located behind the Wall, the Occupation demolished a livestock hangar belonging to Hassan Ali Ahmed. The total area of the hangar was around 100 square meters and it was located east of the village at a distance of 100 meters from the Sha’arei Tikva settlement. An agricultural area to the west of the village, owned by Said Saleh Younis, was also razed.

Additionally, Occupation forces carried out a demolition in the village of Hares, located east of Salfit, destroying the business of Abdullah Mohammed Daoud. This was the main source of income for Daoud and his family, which consists of 6 individuals. The losses amount to an estimated tens of thousands of shekels. Abdullah and sisters stood in front of the bulldozers in an attempt to block them from destroying the property. In response, Occupation soldiers assaulted Abdullah and seized his wife.

The demolitions all over the West Bank are part of the Occupation’s plan to use the time granted by the Annapolis process for “negotiations” to further create facts on the ground. All demolitions are ostensibly done because the structures in question were built without Occupation permits. Yet, their locations in Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and close to the Wall and settlements make it clear that the real motivation behind the demolitions is the ethnic cleansing of the area to pave the path for the full ghettoization of the Palestinian people.