The Occupation closes main road to ‘Azzun
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The Occupation closes main road to ‘Azzun

***image2***The Occupation commenced confiscation work on the 16th of February, bulldozing land belonging ‘Azzun to facilitate the continued closure that cuts off the village from the historic Nablus – Qalqiliya road.

According to the village mayor, Occupation bulldozers have cleared a broad area of ‘Azzun land adjacent to the road. The debris is used to literally blockade the town, with large mounds of dirt and rock, many two metres high, blocking major access roads. Lately, Occupation forces have strengthened the blockade by shutting the main entrance to the village. Occupation forces claims that these actions are carried out because youth have thrown stones at the nearby settlements of Ma’ale Shamron, Karne Shamron and Ginat Shamron. However, the central goal is to entirely cut the village off from the surrounding areas, furthering the Occupation’s ghettoization project in the West Bank.

Occupation forces have also locked down the main northern entrance, blocking access to the road that connects ‘Azzun to the neighbouring village of ‘Isla. Palestinians of both villages are forced now to use small, dirt back roads that are in poor condition. Additionally, the Occupation forces have cut down trees near the main entrance, again under the pretext of security.

Over the last two weeks, Occupation forces have repeatedly carried out raids on the village, arresting a number of young men. The raids have been occurring for about two weeks while movement restrictions have been in place more than five days in a row.

‘Azzun lies on the historic Nablus – Qalqiliya Road, which had been in use for hundreds of years prior to the construction of the settlements. Now, Palestinians are blocked from using this road that formally served nearly 10,000 residents. While Qalqiliya is only nine kilometres away, the closures have forced villagers to take a winding, roundabout journey that spans tens of kilometres.