Occupation forces threaten the home of a disabled man in Jabara
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Occupation forces threaten the home of a disabled man in Jabara

Occupation forces issued a military order to Theyab Abdullah, calling for the demolition of his home. His home, which falls in the so-called “security zone” of the Wall, is in Kharbet Jabara, south of Tulkarm. Kharbet Jabara is one of the villages isolated behind the Apartheid Wall and the population suffers under strict laws that severely limit movement in and out of the area.

***image2***The house, located about 50 metres from the Wall, is a small structure constructed of metal sheeting. Theyab Abdullah, who is handicapped, lives here with his wife and sons, the oldest of whom is mentally disabled. With the harsh conditions imposed on the village by the Occupation, he has found it difficult to provide for his family. When asked about the demolition orders, he replied, “I am unsure as to the fate of my family if the Occupation destroys my home. It is all I own. ” He added that even the disabled are not safe from the evil brought on by a regime that strengthens settlements while stealing Palestinian land.

Two years ago the Occupation threatened Abdullah with the destruction of his home and cattle pens. However, he was able to take the case to the Occupation courts, which ordered a freeze on the order for a time. The courts stated that they were investigating the possibility of increasing the area allotted for building in the village, which would presumably allow Abdullah to keep his home.

Given the court decision, Abdullah was surprised last month when a group of Occupation soldiers arrived at his home and demolished his sheep pen. And last week he was again caught off guard when the demolition order arrived. Many Palestinians, however, share his misfortune. Since the beginning of this year, the Occupation has carried out a widespread demolition campaign across the West Bank, with an intense focus on Jerusalem, which has lead to the destruction of dozens of homes.