mega888 The Occupation destroys two homes in Beit Hanina
The Occupation destroys two homes in Beit Hanina
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The Occupation destroys two homes in Beit Hanina

On February 24th, the Occupation military demolished two homes located in the Wad al-Dam neighbourhood in Beit Hanina. The homes, which belonged to the brothers Nidal and Shadi Muttwar and were still being constructed, were razed under the pretext that they lacked a building permit.

During the afternoon, a large military force consisting of police and border police entered the area and cordoned off the neighbourhood. Following this, they commenced with the demolition work. The two homes, which were located next to one another in the same building, had a size of 360 square meters. Each consisted of four rooms and a balcony, with the total cost estimated at around 150,000 NIS.

In order to build and maintain their presence in the city, Palestinian residents often attempt to obtain building permits. Their requests are almost always denied, and Occupation forces regularly use this an opportunity to destroy a building; since January 15 homes have been bulldozed in the Jerusalem districts. This is part of the larger project of the Judiazation of Jerusalem; under this plan, districts like Beit Hanina are faced with demolitions and isolated from the city.