Demonstrations for Gaza continue in Ramallah
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Demonstrations for Gaza continue in Ramallah

This afternoon, more demonstrations occurred in the Ramallah area to protest the Occupation’s ongoing crimes in Gaza.

Around 200 young students from al-Bireh secondary school, mostly girls, marched through central Ramallah in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This marks the third consecutive day of Ramallah protests against the siege.

Shopkeepers in Ramallah have also attempted to implement a strike, but people said that they have been blocked by the PA. Reportedly, three students were arrested by PA police for encouraging storeowners to continue the strike. People have recalled that during the first intifada Occupation soldiers played this role, breaking up general strikes in an attempt weaken Palestinian unity.

Outside Ramallah, in al-Mazra’ al-Sharqiya, Mohammed Saleh Shreteh was shot and killed during a demonstration. Mohammed was 18 and in his last year of school.