mega888 15 people in ar-Ra’as threatened with demolition
15 people in ar-Ra’as threatened with demolition
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15 people in ar-Ra’as threatened with demolition

Occupation forces issued a military order to Yusif ‘Ali Badirat demanding that he leave his home in the village of ar-Ra’as. The village, which is located south of Tulkarm, has been split into two parts by the Wall. The order gives Yusif three days to appeal to the Occupation court; if he does not do so the Occupation administration will demolish his home at his expense.

The two-story house is located 200 meters beyond the Wall is home to Yusif and his family. This includes his two married children Khalid and Fu’ad, along with their families. In total, 15 people share the dwelling.

Occupation authorities have claimed that they are destroying the home because it has been modified without a permit. However, it is clear that the Occupation is demolishing the home because of its close proximity to the Wall. The home, which was built around 10 years ago, was never in danger of demolition until the Wall was erected in the area three years ago. Yusif is in possession of official papers that establish his ownership of the land on which his home is built.