Programme: Palestinian Resistance commemorates Land Day
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Programme: Palestinian Resistance commemorates Land Day

The focus of this year’s Land Day is the ongoing Nakba of the Palestinian people. As we near the 60th anniversary of the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing campaign initiated by the Occupation in 1948 continues. Land confiscations, home demolitions and settlement expansions move forward with alarming regularity. Both the tactics and the aims are the same: securing more territory for the Jewish state while pushing the Palestinian people off their land.

Historically, Land Day commemorates the 1976 killing of six Palestinians who were protesting against a massive Occupation land grab inside the 1948 lines. On March 30th of that year, general strikes and mass marches took place in the Triangle, Galilee and Naqab regions. Occupation soldiers and police killed six while wounding and arresting scores more. Since that time, the day of the 30th, as well as the days leading up to it, have been marked by actions across historic Palestine.

Land Day is an important manifestation of the unity of the Palestinian people. Those living inside the 1948 lines use the days to express their solidarity with Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. Yesterday, for example, more than 2,000 people in Yaffa commemorated Land Day, protesting against the demolition of the homes of 479 families and vowing that they will resist any attempt to expel the remaining Palestinians from the city.

To mark Land Day this year, there will be a number of events occurring across historic Palestine, organized in the West Bank by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and other organizations.

West Bank

March 29:

Hebron Area:

• Hebron city center: Gathering with speeches
• Itna: Rally with speeches
• Kharas: Rally followed by a demonstration against the Wall

Qalqilya Area:

• Qalqilya city: Rally with speeches and demonstration at one of the gates isolating the city.

Tulkarm Area:

• Tulkarm city: Demonstration
• Far’un: March to the village in solidarity with the families whose homes are under threat of demolition. Both Occupation industrial zones and the Wall encroach onto the village lands.

March 30:

Bethlehem Area:

• Um Salamona: Demonstration against the settlers-only apartheid road that cuts through the village lands.

Jenin Area:

• Zbuba: Tree planting ceremony in the village and in the areas close to the Wall.
• Tura Gharbiye: Demonstration against the Wall.

March 31:

Tulkarm Area:

• Nazlat Issa: Rally followed by demonstration at the Wall.

April 4:

Bethlehem Area:

• Al-Walaja: Demonstration on threatened land.

Inside the 1948 lines:

March 29:

Central district:

• Qalansuwa: Beginning at 14:00 in the centre of the city. Popular protest will take place near the eastern entrance.


• Support is needed for camps organized by the Islamic Movement. Following voluntary work in the Naqab, a festival will take place at the village of Shaqib Salam.

March 30:

The Galilee

• ‘Araaba: Action will begin at 16:00, in the market area near the northern entrance to the village.