Israeli army attacks local solidarity and journalists
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Israeli army attacks local solidarity and journalists

Ni’lin village this morning tried for the second day to break the four days siege imposed by the Occupation forces, to enable food and medical supplies to enter.

***image2***Dozens of Palestinians came in solidarity from Bil’in, Deir Qaddis and other areas, joined by international activists. National and international media were present.

Just as the crowd gathered, the Occupation Forces blockading the village started to throw tear gas and sound grenades to disperse the people.

Many were temporarily detained. Journalists were particularly targeted.

After the crowd was dispersed, the people from Upper Ni’lin, a small part of the village outside the besieged area, started to attack the checkpoint with stones and tyres.

Salah Khawaja, spokersperson of the popular committee against the Apartheid Wall reports from inside the village that the Israeli army invaded the local girls school and used it as a military site adding that troops attacked local businesses and set fire to a local car.