Two arrested in latest Ni’lin demonstration
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Two arrested in latest Ni’lin demonstration

Demonstrations continued yesterday in Ni’lin against the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Organizers have decided to target the bulldozers, in an effort both to hurt the construction company financially and to force the workers off the land.

At least 300 people attended yesterday’s demonstration, which began at the 3:00 in the afternoon. The march was intended to reach the work site when a majority of soldiers had left the area.

***image2***However, when remaining Occupation soldiers spotted the demonstrators, they opened fire, forcing them back. Three people were injured from rubber bullets, including Popular Committee member Muhammad Amira who was shot in the hand. In addition, a number of people suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation Two persons, Sahal Khawaje and Hassan Moussa, were both arrested and are being held in an unknown location.

Other demonstrations are scheduled for tomorrow and Friday, beginning at 11:00am.