Al Ma’sra: Summer camps join the struggle against the Wall
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Al Ma’sra: Summer camps join the struggle against the Wall

Young people attending summer camps in areas surrounding al-Ma’sra today joined the village for their weekly demonstration against the Apartheid Wall.

Over 200 people gathered in al-Ma’sra before marching towards the area where village land is being destroyed to make way for construction of the Wall. As they reached the site of construction, they were confronted by occupation forces. However, facing down the soldiers the young people began pushing and pulling at the fence, and the Occupation forces were unable to push them back.

Many of the young people involved in today’s demonstrations are too young to remember the days before the Intifada, and have grown up with continuous siege, checkpoints, invasions and the destruction of their family lands for the Wall.

However, the crimes of the occupation will never become normal or acceptable to the Palestinian people, and the new generation will not surrender to the occupation’s creation of facts on the ground; the tactics of resistance will develop with each new generation.