Ahmad Mousa, 12 year old boy, murdered in Ni’lin by the Occupation
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Ahmad Mousa, 12 year old boy, murdered in Ni’lin by the Occupation

At 5 pm today, the Occupation forces in Ni’lin shot Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa, a 12-year-old boy from the village.

After the demonstration had finished, Ahmad was sitting under a tree when a live bullet pierced his head. The boy died immediately. His funeral will be held tomorrow morning. The village of Ni’lin has been holding continuous protests against the Wall for over 80 days with the support of national and international activists.

The murder of Ahmad Mousa today comes after a series of other oppressive tactics by the Occupation forces, including an imposed 5 day complete siege and curfew on the village from July 4 to July 9 2008. These are seen as attempts to repress the mobilization of the people fighting against the construction of the Wall; the Wall that, upon completion, will isolate the village of Ni’lin from their lands and livelihoods.

The murder of the child follows a clear pattern the Occupation has established, in which they have killed youth in other villages in the Ramallah district where people were staging ever more powerful demonstrations and protests against the Apartheid Wall in defense of their lands and futures. On July 8, 2005 they killed 15 year old Mahyoub Assi in Beit Liqiya. On May 14, 2005 Jamal Jaber, 15 years old, and Uday Mofeed, 14, were murdered in the same village, and on April 19, 2004 Diya’, 24 years old.