Ni’lin and people across the West Bank fulfill pledge to Ahmad Mousa: protests continue unabated
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Ni’lin and people across the West Bank fulfill pledge to Ahmad Mousa: protests continue unabated

On Friday, new faces appeared in Ni’lin to join a demonstration of more than a thousand against the Apartheid Wall. Occupation soldiers shrank from confronting the people, instead vacating the area. Demonstrators then proceeded to tear down two kilometers of fence that had been erected on their land.

***image2***People of all ages marched to the threatened lands to hold Friday prayers. Immediately after the prayer, soldiers started as usual to target the people with teargas and rubber bullets. However, they withdrew quickly and when they realized the anger and determination of the people. The murder of Ahmad Musa has only strengthened the resolve of the villagers, who have vowed to continue fighting.

Following the evacuation of the Occupation soldiers, the people of Ni’lin razed the temporary fences that have been set up on their land. These fences, which were made out of three layers of razor wires, had been set up by the military to block protestors from reaching the site of the bulldozers. Some two kilometers of razor wire was cut and destroyed.

During the night, the Occupation forces entered the village and arrested two members of the Popular Committee. They were released the following morning.

Today, a huge military presence is stationed at the entrance of the village. Soldiers armed with automatic weapons and accompanied by dog have been harassing the people and attempting to control all movement in and out of the village.

All over Palestine, people share the anger and stand in solidarity with the village. In al-Ma’sra the people dedicated their weekly demonstration against the Apartheid Wall to Ahmad Mousa, his family, and the struggle in Ni’lin. Some 100 people marched on Friday to the area where the Wall is wrecking their lands. Soldiers attempted to suppress the demonstration, and clashes erupted. No serious injuries occurred.