Settlements expand while Palestinian land is confiscated in the Jordan Valley
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Settlements expand while Palestinian land is confiscated in the Jordan Valley

***image2***Occupation forces informed Palestinian villagers almost exactly a month ago about the imminent confiscation of 356 dunums in the northern Jordan Valley. Since then, people in the area have been faced with the likelihood of losing their land and property. Two settlements in the same region will be expanded.

On 10 July 2008, soldiers issued a military order that provides for the confiscation of 356 dunums of land located in Khirbet Samra, 15 kilometers east of Tayasir military checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley. The confiscation is to be carried out under the pretext of so-called military purposes.

All of the land covered in the military order is agricultural land located in the Wadi al-Maleh area in the Tubas district. The land is owned by 32 farmers who rely on the cultivation of vegetables and crops as their main and only source of income. This area is characterized by fertility and the availability of natural water sources.

***image3***The farmers expressed outrage at this arbitrary procedure that will strip them of their livelihood and their lands. They also expressed fear of being barred from entering their lands in the surrounding area on account of the old and worn out excuse of “security reasons.”

The Occupation administration is also continuing the expansion of Mehola and Maskiyyot settlements in the northern Jordan Valley. Recently a number of mobile homes have been added to these settlements as part of a campaign to attract more settlers to the Jordan Valley. This coincides with a related campaign, namely the expulsions of Palestinians from the region and the seizure of their lands.