Demonstrators disrupt Occupation concert in Scotland
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Demonstrators disrupt Occupation concert in Scotland

Five protestors from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign were arrested at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall on 29 August and charged with disrupting the performance of the Israeli Jerusalem Quartet. These musicians enjoy a double status as ‘Cultural Ambassadors of Israel’ as well as ‘Distinguished IDF Musicians.’

The protest against the performance aimed at countering Occupation efforts to conduct ‘business as usual’ internationally while it continues to besiege Gaza and colonize the West Bank. Cultural emissaries from the Occupation should be denied access to any platform that celebrates cultural exchange.

Protestors initially gathered outside the venue, convincing about a dozen people to return their tickets at the gates. In addition, a further small but significant number of the audience left and expressed their support, one couple thanking the demonstrators inside and out ‘for awakening our consciences.’ During the performance one attendee was told to leave when he complained about the harsh way in which the protesters were ejected.

Police prevented protesters outside the venue from setting up a mock checkpoint, which would have simulated the restrictions Palestinians face traveling in the West Bank.