Invitation: Press Conference to Launch the Olive Harvest 2008
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Invitation: Press Conference to Launch the Olive Harvest 2008

The Olive Harvest Campaign starts on October 15 and ends on November 15. Over 106 villages all over the West Bank have been categorizes as endangered areas this year.

The settler attacks add to the Wall that isolates often up to 80% of the village lands and strengthen the apartheid infrastructure in the West Bank. It makes the olive harvest – a vital part of Palestinian agriculture – a dangerous and difficult task, attacking not only life but Palestinian economic self-sufficiency as well.

The escalating settler violence bears the same roots of racial and religious persecution as the violence of Jewish mobs in Akko (Acre) who, among other attacks, stoned a Palestinian man and his son and torched two Palestinian homes and damaged another eight. They are both backed by state policies and institutions and part of the attempt to impose socio-religious values on Palestinians, who are met with violent repression as we attempt to defend our land and to maintain our own, indigenous culture.

The Olive Harvest Campaign uses national and international volunteers to support the olive picking as well as a media campaign to highlight the attacks on the people, land and livelihood. The Stop the Wall will produce regular human rights bulletins.

The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is coordinating the Olive Harvest Campaign in cooperation with the Medical Relief Committees, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, Health Work Committees, Agricultural Work Committees, Palestinian Farmers Union and Ma’an Development Center.

Please contact the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign for further information, field visits to the affected areas or interviews.