Occupation forces stop the farmers at this Friday’s olive harvest
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Occupation forces stop the farmers at this Friday’s olive harvest

While settlers this Friday were apparently taking a break from their continuous attacks, Occupation forces stepped into fill the gap. In Ni’lin and al-Ma’sra people were prevented from reaching the lands affected by the Apartheid Wall.

***image2***In Ni’lin over one hundred people were blocked from reaching their olive groves close to the Wall’s path. After the Friday prayers, which have been held in the threatened fields for months, Occupation forces attacked the people that went to reach their olive trees with tear gas and rubber bullets. Clashes erupted and two people were injured. One youth was shot by a rubber bullet, while the soldiers broke the hand of another one.

Meanwhile, in al-Ma’sra 120 people attempted to reach their lands isolated by the Wall. However, Occupation forces were stationed to stop the people, and they also erected additional fencing. Clashes erupted between the military and the farmers determined to reach their lands, leaving a seven your old child injured.

Since the beginning of the Wall’s construction in the area, this village has staged weekly protests. In the area south of Bethlehem, some 6000 dunums are to be stolen from their owners through the Apartheid Wall.