6th Week Against the Apartheid Wall kicks off in Beita
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6th Week Against the Apartheid Wall kicks off in Beita

On November 9th and 10th, the village of Beita in the Nablus district was the site of a two-day event to kick off the 6th annual Week Against the Apartheid Wall. Organized by the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, the event drew in some 250 people who came from Beita and its surrounding areas to show their solidarity for the farmers of the village.

***image2***On the first day, an exhibition of olive products from the area was unveiled, showcasing the olive oil, soaps, and other products for which Palestinians are renowned. The second day of the festival featured music and dancing, as well as speeches from farmers, campaign activists, and union members. The focus of these speeches was on supporting the farmers’ steadfastness and resistance against intensifying attacks and attempts at land confiscation. Announcements were also made about the events occurring throughout the Week Against the Apartheid Wall, and about the closing festival for the 3rd annual Olive Harvest Campaign, which will be held on November 15th in Asira al Qibliya.

The final announcement that was made was in regards to a demonstration that will be held on November 14th, in protest against the Homesh settlement, which threatens the Beita villagers’ lands and livelihoods. Homesh is one of the settlements where large numbers of former settlers from Gaza have been coming to re-settle since 2005. The villagers have thus faced a rising number of physical attacks perpetrated by the settlers, who are trying to expel them from their land in an effort to confiscate the entire area and its resources. The November 14th demonstration will be a response to this aggression, showing the villagers’ resistance to colonization, and demanding that the settlers return the land to its rightful owners.