Ramallah villages continue resistance against the Wall
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Ramallah villages continue resistance against the Wall

On November 14, Occupation forces used repressive tactics to quell the weekly Friday demonstrations in Ni’lin and Bil’in. Tear gas, sound bombs, and rubber bullets were used against Palestinian and international solidarity activists who were protesting against the Apartheid Wall in both villages.

In Ni’lin, Occupation forces prohibited many activists from even reaching the village, as a flying checkpoint was set up outside the village entrance. Both Palestinians and internationals were denied entry, and even some journalists were turned away. Those who did get through the checkpoint faced intense aggression from the Occupation, as they were shot at with tear gas and rubber bullets from noon until 5:00 pm. Occupation forces came right into the streets of Ni’lin, aiming their tear gas at houses and schools. Several people suffered from tear gas inhalation, and one youth broke his hand after a clash with Occupation forces.

In Bi’lin, about 150 protestors marched towards the Wall, and as they approached, Occupation forces began firing tear gas canisters into the crowd to try to get them to disperse. As the demonstration continued for at least an hour, the tear gas and sound bombs became more intense, and some rubber bullets were fired as well. Several people had much difficulty breathing as a result of the gas.

The repression in Ni’lin and Bil’in is a tactic used by the Occupation to try and crush any unified resistance against the Wall and against its other apartheid policies. Similar measures are now being used in Jayyous, where resistance has grown in opposition to the re-route of the Wall.