Bruqin threatened with demolitions
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Bruqin threatened with demolitions

Occupation forces have threatened to demolish seven structures being built in the village of Bruqin. These demolitions are part of larger policy aimed at stifling the natural growth of Palestinian communities. ***image2***

On 29 October, representatives from the Civil Administration issued warnings to halt the construction of seven residential structures in Bruqin. The structures are being built without permits in Area C and as such will be demolished, affecting a total 32 individuals from seven different families. The owners of the structures will be hit with considerable financial losses.

The village of Bruqin, located east of Salfit, has lost most of its original 13,273 dunums to settlements located north of the village. Ariel, Brukhin and Barkan have all stolen a share, leaving the village with 5,273 dunums of land. The Wall is projected to run through the northern part of the village, solidifying settlement control over the confiscated land. In Bruqin, as is the case in scores of similar villages located near the Wall and settlements, Occupation policy is directed at controlling and confining the natural growth while confiscating village land for settlements and related infrastructure.