Five popular protests renew momentum against the Wall and settlements
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Five popular protests renew momentum against the Wall and settlements

On Friday, popular mobilization occurred across the West Bank. In addition to the ongoing demonstrations in Ma’sra, Ni’lin and Bi’lin, the two new weekly actions in Jayyous and against the Homesh settlement to the north of Nablus gained momentum. All demonstrations were forcefully repressed by Occupation forces, resulting in numerous injuries.

***image2***In the north, the new weekly actions in Jayyous (Qalqiliya district) and at the Homesh settlement (Nablus district) continued. The demonstration against the return of settlers to the dismantled settlement saw the participation of 250 people from the nearby villages of Burqa, Bazariya, and Silat ad-Dhaha. The demonstration began after Friday prayers, and villagers marched to the site of the evacuated settlement. Settlers were not present, but the military was called in, with soldiers outnumbering demonstrators.
Demonstrators were confronted by a massive rain of projectiles, and 10 people were hit and injured by tear gas canisters or rubber bullets. Despite the increasing military presence, the people have vowed to continue demonstrations against the return of settlers to their lands.

In the south, the weekly demonstration in Ma’sra (Bethlehem district) continued. Around 70 people attended the demonstration, including a large number of children from the village. Soldiers stationed in the area to prevent demonstrators from reaching their land attacked the demonstration, beating 9-year-old ‘Osama Eyad and breaking the hand of Sa’ada Juma’.

Demonstrations also continued in the Ramallah district villages of Bi’lin and Ni’lin. Upwards of 150 people were present in Ni’lin, demonstrating on the threatened land outside the village. Clashes occurred outside the village between local youth and soldiers. Three people were injured by rubber bullets.