Villagers destroy Wall during popular protest in Jayyous
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Villagers destroy Wall during popular protest in Jayyous

A massive demonstration was held in Jayyous today to protest the rerouting of the Wall and the permanent isolation of 5,582 dunums of village land for the expansion of Zufim settlement. Villagers destroyed sections of the Wall, sparking confrontations with the Occupation military and the invasion of the village.

***image2***Following the Friday prayer, more than 500 protestors advanced on the Wall’s gate in the south of the village. The army was not present, and villagers proceeded to destroy the gate and the surrounding Wall.

Occupation forces arrived on the scene after the Wall was destroyed, firing on the crowd with tear gas and sound bombs as well as rubber bullets. Upon pushing the villagers away from the Wall, the army forced its way into the village, where the demonstration continued in the village. Jeeps entered from all directions and imposed a curfew on the village. Soldiers clashed with village youth in the streets openly defying the military orders.

Today’s demonstration saw five injuries; three were shot with rubber bullets in the legs and back, while two were hit in the face. Clashes have slowed down, but the army is maintaining a strong presence in the village, undertaking house-to-house searches targeting the village youth. Villagers are determined to continue with weekly demonstrations, which are rapidly gaining strength.