Popular anger rocks West Bank
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Popular anger rocks West Bank

In response to the ongoing destruction of Gaza, the West Bank has witnessed a massive upheaval. Demonstrations have escalated since yesterday and spread like wildfire to more than ten villages, towns and cities. Youth have taken to the streets and fields, hurling stones and firebombs at Occupation positions. Soldiers responded with force, killing one in Ni’lin and injuring scores more. Rage has also been directed against the PNA, which has been using its security against popular actions in Ramallah and Hebron.

In the Ramallah district, protests and clashes occurred in Ramallah city as well as in the villages of Ni’lin and Bi’lin. An open-ended general strike has been put into effect in Ramallah.

Ramallah city has been the site of various demonstrations throughout the day, many of which have been attacked by the security forces. At noon, a 600 strong demonstration organized by the political parties marched to al-Manara square. Security forces attacked a man carrying a Hamas flag and proceeded to arrest six people.

During the evening, Baladna center organized a second demonstration, mobilizing another 600. Youth went with candles and blockaded al-Manara. Another demonstration was organized by a grouping called Gaza ‘ala Bali – “Gaza in my Heart”, which also attracted hundreds of people. A number of people shouted slogans against the Authority, and police responded by detaining people.

Outside of Ramallah, youth and soldiers clashed in the fields and streets of Ni’lin. Confrontations continued the entire day, and demonstrators blocked the settler road sparking a serious confrontation with Occupation forces, who fired upon the people with rubber bullets and live ammunition. A’raft Al-Khwaja was shot dead by soldiers, and another youth has been critically wounded. Al-Khwaja’s funeral is will be held tomorrow at 11:00 in Ramallah city.

In the north, actions occurred in Nablus city as well as in the villages of Jayyous and ‘Azzoun. Hundreds of people joined the action in Jayyous, where soldiers fired tear gas into homes and confrontations between youth and soldiers continued in the streets.

Communities in the Jerusalem municipality also mobilized against Occupation forces. Hundreds of youth hurled stones at soldiers in the Shu’fat camp, while in ar-Ram streets were closed and confrontations lasted until the evening. Clashes also continued in the streets in front of the Qalandiya camp, with local youth attacking the checkpoint.

In the Bethlehem district, protests have been staged in al-Ma’sra, Taqu’a and Bethlehem city. In al-Ma’sra, soldiers beat two activists, one of which is the coordinator of the Popular Committee, Muhamed Bregeieh.

Clashes were ongoing in the old city of Hebron as well. Confrontations occurred at various checkpoints and posts in the city, and youth threw firebombs at Occupation positions near the Ibrahimi mosque. As was the case in Ramallah, PNA security forces clamped down on Hamas supporters. 17 people wer injured by the Occupation forces.

Resistance is set to escalate even further in the West Bank. Strikes are set to take place in various cities, and clashes show no signs of abating. The funeral march for A’raft Al-Khwaja, who fell together with 300 hundred other Palestinians in the last days, will further galvanize resistance.