Global mobilization grows as the Israeli massacre in Gaza continues
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Global mobilization grows as the Israeli massacre in Gaza continues

Since over a week, in the streets of the world there is a clear call to say no to the Israeli massacre in Gaza and to hold Israel accountable, to sanction it, to boycott its institutions and companies. Yesterday has seen the biggest demonstrations since years in many countries. (See the list of actions below.)

Neither international governments nor the UN are willing to listen to the horrific reports that come out of Gaza nor to their people. But international mobilization is crucial. In these dark days, your voices, your protests and mobilizations are the only international support the people in Gaza and the Palestinian people as a whole can count on.

Your action is crucial and has to continue and escalate during these days!
We urge you to step up your protests in the streets, with your MPs and towards the mass media kowtowing Israeli propaganda.



Middle East


Amman – Many demonstrations, donation drives, marches and sit-ins are occurring daily across the entire country. On Friday January 2nd, many people gathered after the midday prayer to march to the Israeli embassy in Amman. The riot police had already assembled, and as soon as the protestors gathered together, the police began firing tear gas at them. Undeterred by the gas, the demonstrators only began chanting their slogans louder, and slowly moved towards the line of riot police. Some protestors began throwing stones at the police, who launched an assault on the crowd, forcing people back about 25 metres. The people re-gathered, however, and once again began moving forward. More tear gas was fired, and the police attacked again. This pattern continued for several hours, with police making every effort to stop the demonstrators from reaching the Israeli embassy.

One action of note that has been sustained for over a week is an open-ended sit-in being staged by a group of people who have set up tents outside a mosque not far from the Israeli embassy. Participants in the sit-in are demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador, and cutting all ties with Israel. Hundreds of people come each day to show their support, and to supply them with food, blankets, and other essential items.


Cairo – Protests erupted on the streets of Cairo in response to Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza strip. Special focus has been directed at the Egyptian government’s role in the ongoing crisis in Gaza, as thousands of protesters denounced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for his collusion with Israel in maintaining the siege and refusing to open the Rafah border crossing. A mass prayer took place outside the Egyptian Parliament, in an expression of solidarity with the people of Gaza. Protestors have come under heavy repression by Egyptian police, as at least 40 have been arrested so far, and riot police have attempted to stop the demonstrations from progressing.



Washington – A demonstration marched to the Israeli and the Egyptian embassy to protest the Israeli massacres in Gaza and the continuous closure of Rafah by Egypt that only makes the complete siege of Gaza possible.

New York – At least 20,000 protestors took to the streets of the city on January 3rd, as a demonstration in Times Square stretched for over four blocks, clogging much of the city’s central tourist district for several hours. People came in buses from New Jersey and upstate New York and from various mosques, Palestinian, Arab and Muslim organizations, as well as Jewish groups and students, all of whom showed their outrage at the Israel’s US-sponsored genocide. The protest grew so large and militant the police were forced to open up 7th Avenue for a desired march to the Israeli Consulate. From the stage organizers announced another demonstration set for next Sunday. A demonstration is also scheduled to take place today across from the United Nations. This demonstration has been organized by Orthodox Rabbis who vociferously oppose Zionism and condemn Israel’s crimes.

Chicago – A large demonstration was also held on December 28th, as thousands of demonstrators called for the liberation of Palestine and for boycotts of Israel. Other demonstrations are planned in Houston, Anaheim, San Diego, and other locations.


Toronto – At least 10,000 people came out in support of Gaza on January 3rd, stopping traffic along one of the city’s most central areas. Chanting “Free, Free Palestine” and “From Iraq to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime,” protestors marched to the Israeli consulate and the US embassy, moving strongly despite the efforts of police on horseback and on bicycles to control the crowd. Demonstrators called on the Canadian government to condemn Israel’s latest aggression and to cut all political, economic and military ties with Israel until it complies with international law.

Ottawa – About 2,000 people braved the –25 degree temperature to come out and express their outrage at the massacres and show their solidarity with Gaza. The march began outside the national parliament, and then moved to the Israeli and US embassies. Speeches from students, civil society organizations and trade unions were heard, as the protestors chanted “Down with Israeli Apartheid” and “Free, Free Gaza.”

Other demonstrations are scheduled to take place in Montreal, Windsor, Winnipeg and Vancouver.


Sao Paolo – On January 2, hundreds gathered in a main street of Sao Paolo to protest Israeli crimes and to call upon the Brazilian president Lula and the international community to intervene immediately to end the massacre. The government party (PT) has issued a statement yesterday night clearly condemning Israeli crimes on Gaza and calling all its members to join any further demonstrations to stop the massacre in Gaza.


South Korea

Seoul – A demonstration was held in front of the Israeli embassy on December 30th, with protestors demanding that Israel stop its massacre of Palestinians, end its siege of the Palestine, and that the international community stop supporting the massacre.


Kabul – Hundreds have participated in a protest march. In Jalalabad over 400 people protested the failure of the UN to intervene.


New Delhi – On January 1, a joint letter by leftist and other independent Indian parties condemning the “continuous genocide” against the Palestinian people and asked for concrete diplomatic action by the Indian government was published. On Friday, January 3, Indian Muslims staged a protest in the country’s capital. Soon after Juma Prayer at historic Jama Masjid people began shouting slogans against the Israeli aggression on Gaza. They also condemned the US for not using its influence to stop the bombings.


South Africa

Johannesburg – On January 2nd, the Palestine Solidarity Committee of South Africa mobilized 1500 people on the streets of Johannesburg. The protest, which took place outside the US consulate, called on South Africa to recall the Israeli ambassador and to immediately implement a boycott, divestment and sanction program against Israel. Present at the march was the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the South African Council of Churches (SACC) and community organisations from around the city. The protesters carried banners expressing their horror at the latest massacre in Gaza but also acknowledged that this has been a 60 year long program of Apartheid. The Palestine Solidarity Committee plans to have a protest outside the Egyptian consulate next week.


Khartoum – Thousands went out in the streets on December 30 to protest the Israeli crimes, shouting slogans and calling for the Arab countries to act to end the Israeli massacre on Gaza.



Dublin – Some 3,000 people marched in solidarity with the people of Gaza on Saturday January 3rd. The protest was loud, colourful and angry in calling for an immediate end to Israeli attacks and war crimes, and an end to the criminal siege on Gaza. Demonstrators also demanded that Ireland take a leading role in suspending the EU-Israel Association Agreement, and that boycott, divestment and sanctions be imposed in Israel. Speeches were given from various Irish political parties, as well as from representatives of Irish civil society and Palestinian solidarity activists. There were also two live phone links with eyewitnesses and journalists in Gaza.


Vienna – Over 8,000 people participated in a demonstration on Friday January 2nd, in the city’s second demonstration against Israel’s terrorist war. The spirit of the protest was very militant, with participants chanting slogans such as “Israel=Terrorist,” “Freedom for Palestine” and “In-ti-fa-da.” Leaflets were distributed in Arabic, Turkish and German, calling for the right of return of all Palestinian refugees, the abolishment of the apartheid system, and a global BDS movement against Israel. Several anti-imperialist organizations called for another demonstration to be held next Friday.

Salzburg – Over three thousand people have joined a protest in the Austrian provincial capital.


Geneva – Hundreds of demonstrators marched down a main street, carrying signs and banners condemning the Israeli siege and massacre in Gaza, and denouncing the international community’s complicity in Israeli war crimes.


Brussels – A loud demonstration took place on December 31, with protestors marching through the heart of the city, ending in front of the national parliament. Demonstrators called for the upholding of Palestinian rights, and a mock funeral procession also took place, to highlight Israel’s crimes against the people of Gaza.


In Rome and most provincial capitals demonstrations and protests were held. The massive turn out was mainly due to the mobilization of the immigrants in Italy that solidarize with the people in Gaza.

Rome – at least 10.000 protestors were on the streets to call for an end to the massacre in Gaza. The opening banner read “Stop the Genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza” and throughout the demonstration photos of the injured in Gaza were held up.

Milan – Thousands of protestors, among them many Palestinians and Iraqis, march through the city calling for an end to the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

Turin – A sit-in in the center of the city has turned into a spontaneous demonstration. The march has reached the offices of the association Italia-Israele and eggs have been thrown against the building. As I Milano, many of the protestors were many immigrants joining the protest.

Vicenza – Five thousand participated in a demonstration in Vicenza, the large majority immigrants that have gathered from all over the region to stand in solidarity with the people in Gaza.

Bologna – Some 2000 people have gathered in Bologna to march to the basilica of San Petronio in the city’s center square. Muslims and Christians prayed together in the plaza in front of the church. The march had been lead by the children to underline that they are part of the victims of Israeli crimes.

UK, including Wales and Scotland

Only against the war on Iraq has the UK seen such a massive wave of protests and such a huge turn out in London.

London – 50 thousand people have gathered in one of the biggest demonstrations since the start of the Iraq war. They passed at Downing Street 10 and hurled thousands of shoes towards the prime ministers residence. The protest march ended in Trafalgar Square and was addressed by personalities such as Annie Lennox, Kan Livingston (ex-mayor of London) and others. Photos:

Manchester – Two thousand marched through the streets calling for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Newcastle – Four to five hundred protestors gathered in a rally condemning the Israeli attack on Gaza. There was then an open mic session where speeches were interspersed with chants of ‘Victory to the Intifada!’ ‘Free, Free Palestine!’ ‘1,2,3,4 Occupation No More! 5,6,7,8 Israel is an Apartheid State!’ Photos:

Bristol – Over 500 people gathered to protest against the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
Liverpool – About three hundred people protested in Liverpool against the now week-long military assault on Gaza Strip Palestinians and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Cambridge – Two hundred people joined the vigil of solidarity with Gaza. The attendance made it the biggest vigil in the city since the heady days of the 2003 pre-Iraq War protests.

Shrewbury – A local vigil raised the protest in the center square. People wre maintiangi a 30 minutes silence for the people killed in Gaza and carrying banners such as “One holocaust doesn’t justify another”.

Portsmouth – About 300 protesters showed up at Guildhall Square in Portsmouth to voice their anger at the Israeli bombing and siege of the Gaza Strip. A rally was held with several speakers, two of them Palestinians, followed by a march through the city center to a Tesco’s store where leaflets were distributed to shoppers.

Sheffield – Hundreds protested and marched through Sheffield on Saturday 3rd January 2009 against the Israeli onslaught against Gaza.

Brighton – Despite short notice, nearly a thousand people turned up to a rally in the main shopping centre, Churchill Square, to express their anger at Israel’s barbarous action. One of the largest demonstrations Brighton & Hove have ever seen took place on Saturday. Organised by word of mouth and e-mail in a few days, the energy and numbers took even the organizers by surprise.

Lancaster – The protest was attended by local people of many different backgrounds, and united local Jews, Muslims, Christians, Socialists, anarchists, Greens, Trades Unionists, Gays, working people, students and Saturday shoppers.

Protests also took place Exeter, Norwich, Hull, Turnbridge Wells, Swansea, York, Caernarfon and Bradford.


Oslo – About 2,000 people demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy, chanting “Close Down the Embassy!”


Berlin – 7.500 people joined the demonstration through the center of the city.

Duesseldorf – Four thousand participated in a march through the main streets of the city.


Athens – Three thousand people marched to the Israeli embassy in the Greek capital. The demonstrators shouted slogans and clashed with the police.

Salonicco – A demonstration was held in the north of Greece, in Salonicco.


Madrid – One thousand people attended a protest march in the Spanish capital. Many Spanish intellectuals and artists, among which the Oscar price winner Javier Bardem have called for the immediate end of the criminal offensive on Palestine.


Amsterdam – Five thousand people have joined the protest carrying banners calling for a boycott of Israeli products. The protestors condemned the Israeli attacks as well as the Dutch government that has still not condemned the massacre.


The mobilization has been enormous and reached parallels with the mobilization against the war on Iraq in 2003.

Paris – One hundred thousand people assembled at Place de La Republique calling for an end to the massacre and sanctions against Israel. Slogans such as “Gaza, we are all with you” and “Israel murderer!” were echoing in the streets. The police attacked the demonstrators and chased them even in the metro. ;

Lyon – Fifteen thousand demonstrated against the Israeli massacre

Marseille – Fifteen thousand marched through the streets of
the city.

Nantes – Four thousand joined the demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Bordeux – Four thousand participated in the protest calling for an end to the massacre and denouncing Israel as a war criminal.

Nice – Four thousand people were in the streets.

Lille – Three thousand gathered to protest the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Mulhouse – Five thousand marched in solidarity with Gaza.