mega888 BDS Newsletter #10 – December 2008
BDS Newsletter #10 – December 2008
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BDS Newsletter #10 – December 2008


Edition: 10 – December, 2008


British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts
British firm FreedomCall has cut its ties with its Israeli counterpart, MobilMax, citing Israel’s offensive in Gaza as its reason. FreedomCall sent MobilMax an email stating that it would no longer consider doing business with MobilMax or any other Israeli company.

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Ongoing Campaigns

The Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign calls for international month of action against Carmel Agrexco
The BIG Campaign has issued an international call for action against Carmel Agrexco in February. Carmel Agrexco has been a major target for the BDS campaign, as it is the Israeli national exporter of fruit and vegetables, and imports large quantities of goods from illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The BIG Campaign calls for demonstrations, blockades and direct action against Carmel Agrexco, particularly in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day, which is one of the company’s busiest times of the year.[MORE]

Latest News

Amdocs in Venezuela
Amdocs has deployed its Amdocs Billing product at Venezuela mobile provider Movilnet to support the company’s new nationwide, GSM network. Amdocs did not disclose the size of the deal, but market sources estimate it at a few million dollars. [MORE]

Top executives from Atlanta head to Israel
An American business delegation from Atlanta traveled to Israel in December to attend the ‘Globes’ Israel Business Conference. The delegation is part of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and their aim is to develop investment and economic development opportunities that will benefit both parties. [MORE]

Israeli, California water incubators sign collaboration deal
Kinarot-Jordan Valley Technology Incubator recently signed a cooperation agreement with a California water technology incubator, Claude Laval Water and Energy Technology (WET) incubator. The cooperation is based on joint research, joint development, and joint marketing of water technology. It is Kinarot’s second agreement in the US in recent months. [MORE]


Over 100 UK Parliamentarians call for arms embargo
In light of the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, over 100 Parliamentarians from different parties in the UK have signed a statement calling for an immediate ceasefire, and an embargo to the supply of military equipment.

Although the language of the statement is “balanced,” and reflects a limited understanding of the overall history and situation in Gaza, the call for sanctions is still clear and highly welcome. It appears to be a new trend in European parliaments to now call for real action, rather than merely spew empty rhetoric. We hope that this trend will spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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Ongoing Campaigns

Indian leftist and other parties renew call to stop military ties
In protest at Israel’s murder of hundreds of people in Gaza, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has called upon India’s UPA government to snap all ties with Israel. Similarly, the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has denounced Israel’s “state-sponsored terrorism,” and has demanded that the UPA government halt its military and security collaboration with Israel. [MORE]

Activists from the Students Federation of India (SFI) and the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) have made the same demand in their protests across the country. [MORE]

Latest News

Elbit Systems update
Elbit Systems signed two major deals this month. The first was awarded to Eblit subsidiary Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd. (Elisra) by an unnamed European country. The $60 million contract is for an airborne surveillance system. [MORE]

A second deal was made between Elbit subsidiary Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. (Elbit Systems Electro-Optics), Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the Turkish Air Force for $141 million. Elbit’s share is $87 million. [MORE]

Additionally, Elbit has been selected by the Israeli military to provide mini-UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) to every IDF ground force battalion. The deal could potentially be worth tens of millions of dollars. [MORE]

Russian military considers buying Israeli drones
According to the chief of general staff of the Russian military, Russia has asked Israel if it can purchase an unspecified number of Israeli drones. Israel is considering the request, and if it goes through, it would be the Israel’s first sale of military technology to Russia. [MORE]


Popular resistance around the world demands that governments cut ties with Israel

Since the Israeli massacre in Gaza began, demonstrations have sprung up all across the world, with protestors in many instances calling for their governments to sever their diplomatic, economic and military relations with Israel. In addition to the demonstrations, activists in Norway have composed a petition calling for the severing of all diplomatic ties with Israel. To date, the petition has already obtained 20,000 signatures. These worldwide calls for boycott represent a major step forward in bringing the BDS movement into popular discourse and in strengthening its effectiveness.

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Ongoing Campaigns

European ministers call for suspending upgraded EU-Israel Association Agreement
Denouncing Israel’s “self-defeating” and “intolerable” bombardment of Gaza, Nick Clegg, the UK’s Liberal Democrat leader, states that the EU must use its political weight to take real action by suspending the proposed new agreement with Israel. [MORE]

The President of the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council, Karel Schwarzenburg, made a similar statement to the BBC, asserting that he had ‘grave doubts’ about the EU proceeding with the upgraded Action Plan due to the ongoing assault on Gaza. [MORE]

Although the suspension of the entire EU-Israel Agreement, not just the upgrade, was the focus the BNC’s campaign, Mr. Clegg and Mr. Schwarzenburg’s statements still represent an important step forward in holding Israel accountable in a meaningful way at the international political level.

Latest News

Jordan to reconsider Israeli ties
The Prime Minister of Jordan has stated that his country may review its diplomatic ties with Israel, as a result of the assault on Gaza. The statement came after some 60,000 Jordanians took to the streets on January 2nd, chanting “No Jewish embassy in Arab land!” [MORE]

Israeli envoy to Caracas expelled
Venezuela has ordered the expulsion of the Israeli envoy to Caracas, along with several of his diplomatic staff, in protest at Israel’s massacre in Gaza. Venezuela is the first country to make such an expression of solidarity with the people of Gaza. [MORE]