Occupation forces shoot handcuffed palestinian youth in the head
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Occupation forces shoot handcuffed palestinian youth in the head

Occupation forces assassinated a seventeen year-old Palestinian youth, Naser Mustafa Odeh Al-A’raj from the village of Azzun on January 13th. Originally, he was said to have been shot by a settler from Immanuel settlement, but now reports are emerging that it was the Occupation forces who deliberately killed him.

Naser was with three other youth in the vicinity of Immanuel settlement, near where settlers reported stones being thrown at some vehicles. Occupation forces arrived at the scene and confronted the youth about their presence, accusing them of being the ones who threw the stones. According to Al Arabiya television network, they captured Naser, tied his hands behind his back, forced him to get on his knees, and shot him in the head, in an assassination-style murder.

Occupation forces then prevented the Palestine Red Crescent ambulances from approaching the location of the shooting, and denied medics any access to the body. They transported Naser to an Israeli hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Occupation forces are currently refusing to return his body to his family, and have stated that they will conduct an autopsy themselves.

The other youth who were with Naser at the time were arrested at the scene, and are still being held by the Occupation. One of them was shot in both legs before being arrested.