Demonstrations against the Wall in Ma’sara, Bil’in and Ni’lin
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Demonstrations against the Wall in Ma’sara, Bil’in and Ni’lin

Demonstrations against the Wall occurred this week in al-Ma’sara, Bil’in and Ni’lin. Despite the ongoing attacks from soldiers sent to control and suppress the demonstrations, villagers have shown no signs of abandoning weekly actions against the Wall.

In Ma’sara, dozens of people marched from the village school to the Wall. Protestors carried Palestinian flags as well as pictures of George Habash in commemoration of the anniversary of his death. Upon reaching an area near the threatened lands, villagers and organizers chanted slogans against the Occupation and gave speeches. Additionally, demonstrators blockaded the road leading to the Efrata settlement for a short time. Soldiers stationed in the area responded by beating several people and confiscating IDs, on the grounds that the area was a closed military zone. IDs were returned a half hour later.

Bil’in’s weekly demonstration continued this Friday, with demonstrators marching toward the Wall following the Friday prayers. Soldiers fired tear gas on the crowd when it reached the Wall.

In Ni’lin, meanwhile, eight people, including four journalists, were injured when soldiers fired on the Friday demonstration. Villagers began their demonstration after Friday prayers, marching toward the area where bulldozers are razing groves of trees for the construction of the Wall. Occupation forces stationed in the area fired on the demonstration with tear and sound bombs as well as rubber bullets. As the protest continued, soldiers adopted more brutal measures, firing live bullets at the crowd. Four people were hit and had to be taken to the hospital.

According to one source from the village, attacks against Ni’lin have been escalating, with soldiers storming homes and assaulting residents.