mega888 Closure orders extended across the West Bank
Closure orders extended across the West Bank
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Closure orders extended across the West Bank

In January, Occupation forces distributed military orders in a number of districts extending the validity of all such orders issued from 2002 – 2007 until 2011. This includes closure and seizure orders, indicating once again the ongoing role of the Wall in the settlement project across the West Bank.

The renewed military orders aim to extend the closure of land isolated beyond the Wall in the districts of Jenin, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Hebron, as well as areas northwest of Jerusalem. Occupation forces have the power to renew the closures when the allotted period ends. The orders also stipulate that Palestinians who wish to enter their land must apply for special permission, and must obtain separate permits for residential and agricultural requests.

Residents see this as another step in the annexation of isolated land. Farmer Abu Faisel, who was with the Land Defense Committee, talked about how the closure – permit policy along the Wall follows the old pattern of settlement expansion, “They were confiscating our land and putting up settlements and putting barbed wire around them. At first, they were allowing us to enter our land inside the barbed wire, with coordination, for 24 hours a day. After that, were only allowed to enter during the day. And after that we were only allowed to enter for the harvest season. Then some of us were forbidden from entering, for security reasons. And that all of us were barred, again for security reasons. And then the (settlers’) homes went up.”