Families to be forced out of Khirbet Dir Sa’ida
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Families to be forced out of Khirbet Dir Sa’ida

Occupation forces ordered 12 families in Khirbet Dir Sa’ida to cease construction work on homes and animal shelters. A total of 66 individuals, who rely on raising livestock in the area, will be effectively forced out as a result.

In mid January, military orders were issued to the families of Khirbet Dir Sa’ida, southwest of Hebron, on the pretext that the families lacked the proper permits.

The targeted structures are located land belonging to the municipality of ad-Dhahiriya. The families are from this village, but spend much of the year in Khirbet Dir Sa’ida where they take advantage of pastureland to raise sheep and other animals. Some also engage in agricultural pursuits.

Khirbet Dir Sa’ida is located southeast of the ‘Arab Ramadin village, itself southeast of Hebron. There is a lack of basic services in the area; and families are not connected to the electrical grid and rely on surface wells that accumulate rain for their water supply.