Indefinite curfew imposed on Jayyous
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Indefinite curfew imposed on Jayyous

This evening, Occupation forces imposed an indefinite curfew on the village of Jayyous. Soldiers entered the village and began firing tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets at youth and into homes. Live bullets have also been used extensively.

It is unclear as to why soldiers chose to storm the village at this particular time. It may have been in response to some youth throwing stones at Jayyous’ south gate, or it may have simply been an effort to intimidate the village and discourage them from holding their weekly demonstration on Friday.

Jayyous has been the site of escalating repression in recent weeks, with forces regularly occupying homes and not hesitating to use live bullets against the villagers. Several youth have been shot by live bullets over the course of the past month, and have had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.