One shot, several trees uprooted during Jayyous demonstration
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One shot, several trees uprooted during Jayyous demonstration

Today’s demonstration in Jayyous was met by intensified force, with soldiers quickly invading the village and firing live ammunition. A huge number of soldiers occupied the village, bringing with them a bulldozer that was used to destroy trees and farmland. Clashes have lasted into the evening, and are ongoing in separate parts of the village. Several people have been wounded, one by live bullets.

The clashes began after the midday prayer, when some 200 youth led a demonstration from the centre of the village to the south gate. As they approached the gate chanting slogans and waving flags, Occupation forces began firing tear gas and rubber bullets. The situation escalated quickly, as youth responded by throwing stones, and soldiers began firing live bullets.

A large contingent of soldiers, eyewitnesses counted some 20 jeeps, then invaded the village. Groups of soldiers forced their way into three houses near the south gate of the village where the heaviest clashes were occurring. They proceeded to occupy the rooftops and fired upon the demonstrators below.

Soldiers also employed a military bulldozer in the invasion, using it to clear a path from the south gate into the village where it uprooted at least ten olive trees and destroyed farmland. Some 600 people from the village mobilized in an attempt to stop the bulldozer, but the soldiers prevented them from reaching the area.

Thus far, several people have been wounded. A 22 year-old young man was shot at close range in the hand by live bullets. After being shot, soldiers captured him and held him for an hour and a half at the south gate, preventing medical workers or family members from approaching to tend to his wound. Meanwhile, another youth was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.

In addition to the two who were shot, soldiers arrested one youth and held him for several hours before releasing him. He was badly beaten by his captors and sustained serious facial injuries.

The repression today was a continuation of Thursday, when Occupation forces stormed the village and placed it under an indefinite curfew. This sort of aggression has increased steadily over the past several weeks, as soldiers attempt to intimidate villagers by targeting homes with tear gas and firing live bullets at young protestors.