40 dumums bulldozed in Masha village
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40 dumums bulldozed in Masha village

Occupation forces bulldozed 40 dunums of land isolated behind the Wall in Masha. 100 olives trees were also cut down, in what appears to be the beginnings of settlement infrastructure development in the area.

In mid-January, bulldozers arrived at Masha, west of Salfit, and leveled a wide swath of land between the settlements Elqana and Ez Efrayim. According to the village council, the land is likely being cleared so as to better connect the two settlements with one another.

The targeted land is owned by ten families. Since the Wall went up, Occupation forces have barred residents from accessing the isolated areas, save for a brief period of two weeks during the olive harvest season. The settlers have capitalized on this situation, extending their control and expanding settlements.

Masha has lost more than half of its land, 4,500 of 8,300 dunums, to settlements and the Wall. 7 agricultural structures and upwards of a 1000 olive trees were destroyed for the path of the Wall, while the family of Hani ‘Amar was and remains isolated between the Wall and the Elqana settlement.