Weekly demonstrations in three villages
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Weekly demonstrations in three villages

Weekly demonstrations against the Wall occurred this Friday in the villages of Ma’sara, Ni’lin and Bi’lin.

In Ma’sara, a large demonstration comprising hundreds of people marched from the center of the village to the area where the Wall is isolating their lands. Soldiers did not allow the people access, and closed the road with barbed wire. Demonstrators gathered in front of the soldiers, giving speeches and shouting slogans against the Wall before dispersing and returning to the village.

The weekly demonstration in Ni’lin centered on a rally honoring Muhammad Qasem and ‘Arafat al-Khawajeh, two young martyrs who were killed during solidarity protests held in the village during the Gaza attacks. In this week’s demonstration, 15 people, among them 5 journalists, were wounded.

From the early hours of the morning, Occupation forces attempted to intimidate the villagers by deploying military vehicles throughout the village. However, the march went as planned, with villagers holding Friday prayers on the threatened land before attempting to reach the area where the Wall is being constructed. Soldiers fired on the demonstration with gas and sound bombs. Soldiers also pursued a number of activists into the southern side of the village, where they fired tear gas into homes.

In Bi’lin, demonstrators gathered in the center before marching to the Wall. Soldiers proceeded to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd, injuring a number of people.