Removal of access gate further seals Jerusalem
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Removal of access gate further seals Jerusalem

The day before yesterday, Occupation forces permanently closed the gate in the Dahaya al-Barid neighborhood of ar-Ram. This move further isolates the communities from Jerusalem, as the gate was the only working access point in the area, and forces Jerusalemites to enter and exit the city through Qalandiya.

This closure has forced hundreds of residents who formerly utilized the gate to change their routines and use the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem. Qalandiya already experiences a high volume of traffic, and the added stress will further disrupt the lives of students, teachers and employees who already have trouble accessing their schools, universities, and jobs west of the Wall.

The closing of the Dahaya gate is another step in the permanent annexation of Jerusalem. This particular move further isolates the 60,000 residents living in ar-Ram and al-Dahiya from the city center. Further, it will inevitably push a number of residents to leave their homes and move into the center to preserve their status as Jerusalemites, weakening the social and economic fabric of ar-Ram.