Ongoing expulsion of Jahalin near al-‘Eizariya
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Ongoing expulsion of Jahalin near al-‘Eizariya

For the second time this month, Occupation forces demolished tents belonging to five ‘Arab Jahalin families. Soldiers confiscated the remains of the tents and the families’ water tank to ensure that they will not be able to rebuild.

On 16 February, at ten in the morning, jeeps and soldiers arrived again at the Jahalin community located east of al-‘Eizariya. Soldiers destroyed tents housing the families of Kayid Salem and his four married sons.

***image1***These families had their homes destroyed for the first time this month on 3 February. Following the initial demolition, they received two tents from the Red Cross. Members of the community also provided them with several additional tents and rebuilding materials. This time, however, soldiers confiscated the remains of the tents in order to prevent reconstruction. The family water tank was also taken, putting further pressure not only on the Salem family, but on the community as a whole.

The entire Jahalin community in this area, 14 families totaling some 100 persons, is threatened with expulsion. Occupation forces intend to clear the area for the expansion of the Ma’ale Adummim settlement.