Jayyous put under half-day curfew; soldiers threaten demolitions
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Jayyous put under half-day curfew; soldiers threaten demolitions

Occupation forces put Jayyous under curfew again Tuesday, following confrontations with village youth near the Wall. Soldiers detained one person and threatened to demolish several farms on the south side of the village.

On Tuesday afternoon, local youth and soldiers clashed near the Wall in the southern part of Jayyous. Following an exchange of stones and bullets, no less than 10 jeeps invaded through the south gate. Regular army and border police put the entire village under curfew, which was not lifted until a bit after midnight, and detained a young man. Soldiers forced him to sit on the ground near the south gate, where he was held outside in freezing weather for hours on end.

Following the incursion, the army spread out into the streets on foot. Three jeeps were stationed in the center of the village, where soldiers fired sound bombs and tear gas. A patrol entered a chicken farm on the south side of the village, declaring the area a closed military zone. Farmers were told that if they did not prevent youth from stoning military patrols, both the chicken and cow farms would be demolished as punishment.

Curfews, raids, arrests, and threats have become a near-daily occurrence in Jayyous, as Occupation forces increase their frustrated efforts to quell local resistance. However, the regular attacks, longer curfews and mass detentions are having the opposite effect, especially among the youth, who are more determined following the arrests of their friends and brothers in the past weeks.