Carmel blockaded in Jayyous solidarity action
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Carmel blockaded in Jayyous solidarity action

A group of students from Brighton locked themselves to Carmel Agrexco, the Israeli state owned export company, to protest against the ongoing annexation of the West Bank as well as the repression of students in Jayyous. This action is the latest in a series of Agrexco blockades, which have included numerous actions in the UK as well as a protest last month in Belgium.

On the morning of 7 March, Brighton students blockaded the Carmel Agrexco warehouse on the grounds that the firm grows and imports agricultural produce from settlements in the West Bank that are then sold in UK supermarkets. The students were responding to a call for BDS from the youth of Jayyous, following the mass arrests that began on 18 February.

Actions against Agrexco have not been confined to the UK. At Liège airport in Belgium, some 30 activists held a demonstration against Agrexco on Valentines Day, when tons of cut flowers from Agrexo arrive at the Liège airport and are then shipped out to Europe in trucks.