Occupation targets media and youth in Jayyous village
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Occupation targets media and youth in Jayyous village

On Friday, the youth of Jayyous lead another demonstration against the Wall that is isolating their village from its land. The Israeli military attacked the village attempting to destroy one home and injuring three.

***image2***As the Friday demonstration of some 80 youth was approaching one of the gates of the Wall that blocks the people of the village from accessing their lands, the army was already there, ready to attack the people. Youth were throwing stones to make their way to the gate and the occupation forces threw tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets indiscriminately in the people’s direction.

The youth had to retreat and the military used this time to invade one of the homes located close to the Wall. When they tried to damage the windows and the solar system on the roof of the home, the mayor and the people of the village intervened and forced the occupation forces to retreat from the particular home.

The occupation forces did not, however, leave the village and instead persisted to impose a curfew and ground everyone to their homes. Five army jeeps were deployed to control the village but the people of Jayyous defied the orders of the occupation forces and sought to break the curfew. Throughout the clashes, two TV cameramen and one resident of Jayyous were injured by rubber bullets shot by the occupation forces.