Greek neighborhood committees take up BDS
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Greek neighborhood committees take up BDS

Neighborhood committees created to oppose price rises in Greece joined the call for a boycott of Israeli products. The decision to support the boycott movement, taken in response to the attack on the Gaza Strip, illustrates the global linkages that can and should be made between struggles against oppression in different parts of the world.

The neighborhood committees are a Greek initiative, set up in September 2008 in various cities and neighborhoods across the country to combat the rising prices of essential goods and services. Their actions include awareness raising, often through flyering, as well as direct action in and in front of supermarkets and shops.

As atrocities continued in Gaza, however, the committees included the boycott of Israeli products next to the boycott of products deemed to be too expensive. Flyers and leaflets calling for consumers to avoid purchasing Israeli products were printed and disseminated during these actions.

The committees’ decision was described as a minimal “expression of condemnation against the genocide of the Palestinian people and the massacre of Gaza.”